Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My name is Tara, and it's time to get Crafty.

I have been sucked into Pinterest. Overcome with pin after pin, producing an overload of crafty projects to turn the mundane scraps from everyday into something more.

Empty Egg Container? I've seen something for that. Extra Pallets? There are boards full of projects for those. Soda Cans? I've got a Windmill you should make!

I've been sucked in. It's taking over.

Now understand, I'm not overly crafty. There, I said it. My moms idea of crafty involves schemes to pay less for everyday items at the store, never to make it herself. It's no fault of hers, she gives into instant gratification more than most. But now that I'm an adult, my crafty angels are shouting down the demons telling me simply to buy it and give in. It's easier sure, but there is an extra level of gratification knowing you made something yourself.

My favorite hobby is Crochet, but that is only where I started. Now I am rapidly expanding into project after project found on Pinterest. You know the pins I'm talking about. The ones that seem so mind-bendingly simple. The ones you can't believe you never thought of them yourself. The ones you suddenly wonder how you ever lived without them. 

So this blog is my exploration of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Pinterest. 

My goal is one craft a week. Even more, I am going to try out more than just crafts. Cleaning hacks, Crock-Pot Recipes, and whatever else tickles my fancy is going to be on display.

Let's get started!!

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  1. I've sooooo been wanting to do this! You know I'll be there helping you with every project.... because... let's face it.... who's better with random crafts than me! ? <3